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Curated House of Labhran Scottish Highland wear for sale. The House of Labhran was established in 1998.  With our mission to bring you finest Scottish Highland Wear, made in Scotland and a selection of Scottish bespoke, antique and vintage Highland dress. Based in the heart of the Highlands we specialise in bespoke designed and hand crafted Highland Wear and a wonderful range of Scottish tweeds. At the House of Labhran all our range is traditionally tailored in Scotland. We offer some of the finest tartan clan and regimental kilts, trews and kilt jackets in fine wools, tweeds and velvets. From classic Prince Charlie jackets and doublets to classic Haggarts, Harris & Ettrick tweed Argyle jackets and waistcoats. 

When it comes to Highland wear accessories our range is second to none. Our classic quality wool Scottish Glengarries, Balmorals, Tam O Shanters have been made here in Scotland since 1845 and can be adorned with one of our antique or vintage clan badges. We design wonderful new bespoke sporrans for clients and source an stunning range of pre loved vintage sporrans and silver sgian dubhs. Made in Scotland by local crafts people is our ethos. 

Supplying discerning Highland dress clients around the world.

The House of Labhran are Experts in Kilts and Highland Dress. Supplying the finest Kilts, Antique Sgian Dubh's, Vintage Sporrans and Kilt Accessories. Scottish Highland Wear. Traditionally tailored in Scotland. The finest tartan kilts and kilt jackets in fine wools and velvets with Prince Charlie jackets and doublets and classic Haggards, Harris & Ettrick tweed Argyle jackets and waistcoats. Our classic quality wool Scottish Glengarries, Balmorals, Lowland Bonnets, Atholl Bonnets, Tam O Shanters and Feather bonnets. 100% made in Scotland. We also hand craft Scottish Gaelic knot kilt bows in a wide range of colours and tartans.

The House of Labhran source classic Harris tweeds and keepers tweeds and we have been weaving some of the finest tweeds in Scotland suppling many Highland estates. We have a classic range of heavy weight keepers tweeds that can be made into some timeless classic country clothing perfect for that day in the field or on the hill. We offer a wonderful range of Labhran tweeds woven in Hawick, Glenlyon Haggarts tweeds and classic Harris tweeds from the Isles.
Our range of antique and vintage Scottish silver, provincial silver, sgian dubhs and sporrans make wonderful addition to your Highland wear and Scottish inspired collection. 

We spend time to source antique and vintage gems. From fine Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Scottish sterling silver glengarry badges, Scottish quaichs, antique Scottish clan prints, snuff mulls 1880's - 1950’s. From classic Edinburgh and Glasgow makers including Hamilton & Inches, Robert Allison and Thomas Kerr Ebbutt and provincial Scottish silversmiths William Dunningham, William Robb and Medlock & Craik Inverness.  Vintage and antique Highland wear glengarry badges and tartan kilts for sale.
Scottish made to order Haggarts tweed bespoke kilt jackets online shopping from Scotland. There are certain clothes which have a place in the history of Scotland, but have that timeless appeal. Our aim at the House of Labhran is to bring you the very best of genuine Scottish Highland Wear style, kilt accessories, Scottish tweed and vintage Highland gentleman's style.

paypal shop house-of-labhran-highland med-33. online highland wear shop. Over the years we have designed and produced a wide range of double sided hand embroidered bagpipe banners for clients around the world. Hand embroidered in gilt wires and silks on a fine blazer cloth and supplied to the Scottish regiments, Canadian Regiments USMC, USAF banners, Fire & Rescue, Police, civilian pipe bands, clan chiefs banners, private clients and British army. 

Our in house team will help create a a bespoke banner that will be carried on your pipes for years to come.

House of Labhran - Experts in kilts and classic Scottish Highland dress

Supplying the finest kilts, sporrans, vintage kilt accessories and Scottish tweeds to clients around the world. Scottish Highland Wear, Hand Stitched Kilts, Glengarry Hats & Vintage Silver Clan Badges, Bespoke Bagpipe Banners, Scottish Tweeds, Sgian Dubh's, Tartan Kilt Hose and Vintage Antique Sporrans direct from the Highlands of Scotland.

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