Scottish Glengarry Hats


Our classic quality wool Scottish Glengarries, 100% made in Scotland since 1845. As supplied to the Highland regiments and British army made in the finest wool, silk bands, ostrich feathers and silk ribbon tails. All hand finished by highly skilled and experienced tradesmen, using high quality materials which comply with the rigorous Ministry of Defence requirements in the UK.

Glengarry hat Macleay Highlanders Scottish hats and headwear 1870

The Glengarry is a cap which Alasdair Ranaldson MacDonell of Glengarry invented and wears in the classic portrait of himself. It is a boat-shaped cap without a peak made of thick-milled woollen material with a toorie or bobble on top and ribbons hanging down behind.

What Glengarries do pipers wear? Plain indigo Glengarries.

Where are the hats made? The Glengarries and Balmorals are all 100% made in Scotland since 1845. The Feather bonnets and hackles are all 100% UK made.

What Glengarries are worn by the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders? Red / White Diced Glengarries 

What Glengarries do the Highland regiments wear? Red / Green / White diced glengarries on an indigo glengarry.

What regiments glengarries and bonnets can supply?

Black Watch glengarry - Plain indigo with red torrie traditionaly the rosette is removed

Cameronians - Rifle green with black torrie

Cameron Highlanders - Plain indigo with red torrie

London Scottish - Indigo with blue torrie

Highland Light Infantry pre 1948 - Dark green glengarry with red torrie 

Highland Regiment - Indigo with red torrie - Three colour dicing red - white - dark green Inc. Gordon Highlanders, The Highlanders, Royal Highland Fusiliers, Seaforth Highlanders

Lowland Regiment Indigo with red torrie - Three colour dicing red - white - dark blue

Royal Regiment of Scotland - Three colour dicing red - white - dark blue Inc. Royals Scots

Royal British Legion. Atholl Highlanders, 

Please contact us with any questions regarding non standard sizes or options. Hat size chart is on each hat page. 

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